One of the primary responsibilities of municipal government is to ensure the city's infrastructure meets or exceeds the community's current and future needs. On-going maintenance of those mission critical assets should be equally important.

In recent years; however, Hudson residents have witnessed severe deterioration of city streets to the point a local homeowner compared our roads to "driving on the moon". In other words, our potholes have become craters.

The Mayor said he has overseen a "near doubling" of the road improvement budget. That's not saying much considering City Council has been allocating $1.5 million annually the past few years. According to Assistant City Manager Thom Sheridan, that amount each year puts our city streets on a 25-year replacement cycle. He said Hudson "ideally" should be on a 15-year cycle. That will require a $2.5 million investment each year.

As your new Mayor, I will win that commitment from Council to get our streets back into proper condition, knowing it will take 10 years to achieve.  And I will do it without borrowing the money as City Council has recently proposed. We should not in debt our residents another $5.0 million because of the city's mismanagement of funds.

It's common sense governance.