New Leadership for a New Decade

Hudson. We call it home and for good reason.

For 220 years, our community has been a place to practice our faith, to educate our children, to grow a business, to live a life with good friends, and to dream of a brighter tomorrow.

We are blessed to live in an incredible community, filled with beautiful, well-maintained homes and schools that rank among the best in the nation. Yet our city also faces some very basic challenges.  I am running for mayor to bring the focus of city government back to the core issues that make Hudson such an amazing place to live.

Through the generations, we have counted on good leaders to provide for our safety, to maintain our infrastructure, and to establish sound policy to help our employers prosper, while being fiscally responsible in doing so.

In recent years; however, we have drifted away from the tenets of common sense governance.

Over and over, I hear residents say they feel that the city is focusing on amenities and luxuries while things like infrastructure, traffic congestion and rising property taxes go unaddressed.  With millions of dollars spent recently on property and projects, a growing city staff, and ballooning salaries, voters are right to feel unsettled about the direction of City Hall.

It's time for new city leadership.  I am a fiscal conservative, pro-business candidate, and serve on the city's Board of Tax Review.  I will put a stop to wasteful spending and get us back to the basics with common sense governance.  I respectfully ask for your vote Tuesday, November 5.


Elect Craig Shubert, Hudson Mayor

Tuesday, November 5