New Leadership for a New Decade

Hudson. We call it home and for good reason.

For 220 years, our community has been a place to practice our faith, to educate our children, to grow a business, to live a life with good friends, and to dream of a brighter tomorrow.

We are blessed to live in an incredible community, filled with beautiful, well-maintained homes and schools that rank among the best in the nation. Yet our city also faces some very basic challenges.  I ran for mayor to bring the focus of city government back to the core issues that make Hudson such an amazing place to live.

Through the generations, we have counted on good leaders to provide for our safety, to maintain our infrastructure, and to establish sound policy to help our employers prosper, while being fiscally responsible in doing so.

In recent years; however, we drifted away from the tenets of common sense governance.

Over and over, I heard residents say they felt that the City was focusing on amenities and luxuries while things like infrastructure, traffic congestion and rising property taxes were going unaddressed.  With millions of dollars spent recently on property and projects, a growing city staff, and ballooning salaries, voters were right to feel unsettled about the direction of City Hall.


On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, the voters of Hudson went to the polls to make their voices heard. With 20 of 20 precincts reporting, the vote tally revealed a desire for change in leadership.

I am honored to be elected Hudson's 56th mayor and promise to do my best to serve the needs of our residents and businesses, alike. I wish to compliment Mayor David Basil on the campaign he and his team ran, and to thank him for his many years of service to our community as Mayor, Councilman, and member of the Planning Commission.

In the course of this election season, I was able to forge a coalition of candidates with varying political perspectives, but with similar conservative values. Together, with Ron Panaggio (Ward 1), Chris Foster (Ward 2), Skylar Sutton (Ward 3), and Beth Bigham (Ward 4), we articulated a platform for fiscal accountability, operational transparency, and strong, experienced leadership. Ron had a tough race; up against three other candidates, but was bested by Katherine Schlademan with whom I am now looking forward to serving and getting to know. 

Kate, Chris, Skylar, Beth and I were officially sworn-in on Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

We were not alone in this endeavor. We were blessed with a committed, hardworking campaign staff and a group of fantastic volunteers that knocked on more than 7,000 doors in scorching heat and freezing rain. Therefore, it is my pleasure to publicly recognize and say a heartfelt "thank you" to Karen Arshinkoff, George, Greta and Faunce Bigham, Jenny Coleman, Kevin Cook, Mike Grace, Celeste Fland, Derek and Lisa Foster, James and June Horsch, Karen Janezic, Cile Juda, Lynn and Mike Juppe, Cierra Justine, Jeff Keil, JoAnn and Roy Marschke, Chris May and family, Forrest and Sara Norman, Dave Schuellerman, Andy Shehorn, JoJo Trusso, Dan Wright, and Barb Zubenko, just to name a few. 

I am also grateful to my donors who gave graciously of their treasure to help fund this race and to the thousands of Hudson residents who shared their concerns for our city and their respective neighborhoods.

None of this would have been possible without the love and support from my beautiful bride and our First Lady, Sherri Moyer. You will find her to be an intelligent and compassionate woman with a deep faith in God, savvy business sense, and a love of children and education.  

In closing, let's all remember there is much more that unites our tight knit community than divides us, and now is the time to come together to resolve our differences so we can focus on our future. Please stay in touch.


Mayor Craig A. Shubert

City of Hudson